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We Are The Largest Indian Consumer Insights Company

Hansa Research is the largest Indian consumer insights company undertaking engagements with clients across 77 countries. We are the first Indian insights and consulting company to acquire a US-based firm, GCR (formerly called Gartner Custom Research).

With research offices across India, Singapore and the USA, Hansa Research’s infrastructure is comparable to the best in the industry. Engaging with clients across multiple sectors, with an array of packaged and customised offerings, Hansa Research focuses on innovation and value addition, to help clients make insightful decisions. Hansa Research has done some path-breaking work which have become industry standards in India e.g., Indian Readership Survey, Household Potential Index and Indian Outdoor Survey.

With a focus on innovation, Hansa Research is a pioneer in the use of technology, whether it was Computer Aided Personal Interviews (CAPI) a decade ago or Virtual Reality based solutions today. Hansa Research has won numerous industry awards for cutting edge and actionable research.

The R K SWAMY | HANSA companies represent one of India's leading multidiscipline, multi-location, marketing communications and services groups, serving the needs of a wide array of companies, in India and the USA.

The Group operates with a simple belief vis-à-vis the field of Marketing: “We don't need a large hammer. We must look for the sharper nail."

Underpinning this belief is the huge premium the Group places on Intelligence that delivers sharp Creative communications, uncovers the underlying trends, provides the customer insights, drives advanced analytics and brings process efficiency and market effectiveness. In sum, ensures that clients get tremendous value across the board.

Our People

Hansa Research
Praveen Nijhara

Chief Executive Officer

Hansa Research
Ashish Karnad

Executive Vice President

Hansa Research
Anjan Ghosh

Executive Vice President

Hansa Research
Shaleena Kaura

Senior Vice President

Hansa Research
Piyali Chatterjee Konar

Senior Vice President – CX Vertical

Hansa Research
Umesh Kumar

Senior Vice President

Hansa Research
Jiten Mehta

Senior Vice President – Operations

Hansa Research
Rohit Kumar

Vice President – Automotive Vertical

Hansa Research
Srinivasan Swamy

Chairman, R K SWAMY | Hansa

Hansa Research
Shekar Swamy

Group CEO, R K SWAMY | Hansa

Hansa Research
Ashok Das

Senior Advisor

Our Group Companies

  • R K SWAMY BBDO — Creative Services
  • R K SWAMY — Media Services
  • R K SWAMY — H R Direction
  • R K SWAMY — Integrated Digital
  • R K SWAMY — Pharma Direction
  • R K SWAMY — Social Rural Direction
  • Hansa Research Group
  • Hansa Customer Equity
  • Hansa Events
  • Hansa MedCell
  • Hansa Retailscape
  • Hansa Outdoor
  • Hansa Television
  • Hansa PR
  • Hansa InfoSource
  • Hansa Global Languages
  • Hansa Direct
  • Hansa Consulting
  • Hansa Marketing Services USA
  • Hansa GCR Research USA