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Durables BrandScan

Consumer decision making, price sensitivity, role of word of mouth and dealer push are key parameters for success of a brand in the consumer durables industry. Taking this into consideration, Durables BrandScan has been specially designed for regular assessment of your brand and marketing initiatives. Our approach to brand tracking ensures that not only all relevant measures are chosen, but they are also captured in the most customer-friendly manner.

For sustainability of a brand in the durables industry, it is necessary to keep in touch with changing market and consumer paradigms. Hence, Durables BrandScan is exactly what you need since along with the Brand Track, it also includes an annual baseline study of consumers’ purchase usage and attitude patterns. This also means that Durables BrandScan is cost efficient since there is no need for a separate study on usage and attitudes (U&A), pricing or segmentation.

Equipped with strong analysis modules, Durables BrandScan will elevate your data from mere facts and figures to key tactical and strategic inputs.

FMCG BrandScan

FMCG BrandScan has been specifically engineered keeping in mind key characteristics of the FMCG industry.Our system aims at being comprehensive and including the larger picture – which is why we recommend conducting an annual baseline assessment of consumer usage and attitude profile on the same respondent as the Brand Track. This way, you also save on your research costs for a separate study on usage and attitudes (U&A), pricing or segmentation.

FMCG BrandScan firmly believes that the devil is in the detail –hence a lot of thought has gone into choosing the measures plus ensuring information be captured in a consumer friendly manner. Allow us to take you through our analysis constructs – we firmly believe that this is what will move your data a step beyond facts and figures only, to clear inputs for brand strategy.

Print BrandScan

Years of working with the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) has given Hansa Research a rich experience and the requisite expertise to design Print BrandScan for a complete and frequent monitoring of brand health in the Print industry.

It is necessary for a brand to keep itself abreast of changing readership patterns and attitudes; therefore, our system includes an annual baseline assessment of readership patterns, role of other media, purchase/subscription behaviour, drivers to readership and reader segmentation on needs/attitudes. This also benefits our clients in terms of research investment since there is no need for a separate study on usage and attitudes (U&A), pricing or segmentation.

Our model firmly believes that not even the most nutritious food is healthy if not digested properly. Hence, Print BrandScan prescribes clear analysis constructs that provide you with key inputs to aid you with strategy formulation and monitoring.

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