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Customer Experience Management

Hansa Research has its own proprietary tool for Customer Experience Management called ACT (Advanced Customer Track).

“The basic premise of this model is that overall satisfaction is created by a series of processes plus product functionalities delivered against the customer’s expectations”. These processes and functionalities are termed as ‘dimensions’. In order to derive actionable results, we drill down on these dimensions to measurable ‘parameters’on which to assess performance.

HANSA’s ACT measures criticality of key dimensions that allows us to take a pragmatic view of service delivery(i.e. are we performing well on the dimensions that matter the most to our customers?) and also to arrive at the grass root actionable results.

ACT does not look at customer satisfaction as a standalone construct but as an interaction among three elements: Satisfaction with: the product’s value proposition; the process of delivery and, finally, the mirror effect of the satisfaction and loyalty of the front line sales and service employees and channel partners.

While SPC (Service Profit Chain) is the overall framework, the individual modules are administered using ACT. ACT has been successfully used to measure the satisfaction and loyalty of all the stakeholders – customers, employees and channel partners.

Hansa Research

Studies conducted in ACT

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Channel Partner Satisfaction
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction (taking care of the dynamics of inter- departmental relationships)
  • Lost Customer
  • Customer Transaction Audits
  • Audits
  • System Audits
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Customer feedback Survey, on a continuous basis across touch points


Hansa Research offers EMPOWER - 'Employee Attitude and Satisfaction Measurement Model' in response to three basic needs in the HR space:

Hansa Research
Empower goes far beyond the traditional individual measure of satisfaction and answers the critical question:
When do employees become high-performing assets on a sustained basis for the business?

The obvious answer to the question is - when they are satisfied. But this answer is no longer enough. Satisfaction today is just an enabling and basic criterion that prevents employees from being de-motivated. To drive business growth, employees must be:

  • Motivated to give their best to the organisation
  • Committed to stay and grow with the organisation

Empower offers a holistic index of employee attitude that is a combination of feeling satisfied, motivated, and committed. It is essentially a top management tool to motivate and retain talent.

In addition we offer diagnostics that identify action priority areas for the organisation to correct. The model can even identify the cause/effect relationship of different parameters through Structured Equation Modelling using path diagrams with the path coefficient.

For further details get in touch on writetous@hansaresarch.com