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Usage and Attitude

Hansa is the only agency to have a tested and proven model on Usage and Attitude studies. U&A is an exploratory and large study done by clients once in 2-3 years (depending on the industry)

Hansa's Q3 (Q-cubed) approach to U&A consists of 3 stages

Step 1: Query


The first step to the U&A exercise is focused with a single agenda of fleshing nuances / hypotheses that can be fed into the Quantum face of the study.


No segments will arise out of this group. Also, the selection of respondents for this phase is guided by the needs to collect inputs on the general behaviour of consumer sets towards the category in question.

Step 2: Quantum


The second step to the U&A exercise will quantify the behaviour of the key consumer groups and will let us know which are the key aspects that emerge as important across various information heads.


The segmentation exercise will also be carried out in this step using our multidimensional segmentation tool - Navigator

Step 3: Qualify

The third step to the U&A exercise will flesh out the behaviour and attitudes exhibited by the key segments of interest. For e.g., from a 6 segment solution, we decide to focus on Segment 3. The segment output from the quantitative module will detail out who these people are, what behaviour they exhibit and how this behaviour is guided by their attitudes. However, deeper understanding of how this behaviour manifests, what goes behind the choices they make is something that would come out only through a focused qualitative probing.

Q3 - Hansa's Approach to Understanding Behaviour & Attitudes

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