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Virtual World

Do you have a product idea and want to test different creatives, designs and concepts before finalising the offer?

Does a corporate need to finalise the product design, make, functionality etc., before being launched?

Till now physical presence of products or concepts were needed... NOT ANYMORE!!!

Current method of F2F is expensive as the final product needs to be finalised and produced before we test in the market.

Virtual World – a unique methodology tested and tried by Hansa, answers these questions before the final product is produced.
  • This requires to create a Virtual scenario of the shop and place the material (with permutations) to be tested
  • This helps clients to test different creatives/combinations/POS/designs without being finalised
  • This also helps multi-city testing to get cultural nuances without actually producing the final product
Hansa Research

Industries where this can be used

  • Automobile manufacturers
  • IMFL/Beer
  • Beverages
  • Snack packaging
  • Retail
  • Attire/Clothing
  • Packaging - Luggage