Today companies are relying more and more on insights coming in from observed data rather than from spoken data. We can assist you with data mining to gain insights into how your customers engage with brands by finding patterns, data trends from behavioral data and converting them into insights

We improve the quality of insights by tying various data sources together e.g. VOC data, customer chats, user data, and purchasing information, so you can begin to better understand your consumers and serve them better.


Understanding social media has become part of the growth plan for organizations across a variety of industries, with millions of people on social media daily expressing their ideas and experiences. Social media insights, as a crucial source of real-time data, are extremely valuable in bolstering traditional study conclusions.

Our social listening tool can help you monitor the health of your brand by monitoring and analyzing online conversations about your brand, a specific topic, your competitors, or anything else that’s relevant to your business.  By identifying root issues and monitoring overall sentiment about your brand, it can provide invaluable insights to help you engage with your customers more effectively.

Analytic Modelling

We have advanced Analytical capabilities whereby we can filter out the noise in the data to give you actionable insights. Big data insighting using Multivariate analysis like Factor analysis, Regression, Driver analysis, LCA, Segmentation techniques and combining that with other sources of primary data like customer feedback will help clients ensure growth. We can also build intelligent predictive models which can, basis certain key parameters observed in data, predict future trends. For new product/ concept development / innovations, we have expertise in working with Maxdiff and Conjoint tools providing user friendly simulators.

Data Presentation

All the findings are either presented in the traditional charting format or customized as per client requirements. Stories supported by rich visualization techniques and dashboards for client usage are some of our key offerings.