The Advertising Impact Measurement (AIM) is a research study that offers a comprehensive view on how World Cup Cricket was watched on TV and OTT/digital channels, and measures the impact of advertising comparatively among advertisers.

  • Online multi-centre study
  • 6K+ respondents
  • Covers 12 matches – India games, semi-finals and finals

Micro markets maps the potential of all markets across India at various levels – State, District, Sub-district, Towns, Wards within Towns and Villages

  • 1M+ reporting units
  • Population, Household, Market Size Index & Prosperity Index reported for all units
  • A market indicator that can be used by marketers across product categories

Tracks IPL team’s following & affinity, recall Return on Investments, Ad recall and properties recall during matches

  • Covers 10 markets
  • 12K+ respondents over 8 weeks of IPL
  • Useful for Team Owners, Advertisers

Brand Endorser is a scientific tool to aid the celebrity engagement exercise

  • Research covers 550+ celebrities across domains
  • Celebrities are being tracked on various aspects like popularity, perception, category fitment, media exposure and more
  • Sample size of 5K+ respondents across 36 markets
  • Robust representation of core HSM, rest of HSM & southern states

Insurance CuES Report an annual benchmarking study in the Life Insurance sector

  • 12+ Brands
  • 3.5K+ Interviews
  • 20 cities (Pan India)
  • 30+ evaluation parameters, critical to customer experience captured

Passive Mobile Monitoring tracks in-mobile/app usage of the online panellists

  • 200+ apps across categories – OTT, E-Commerce, Music, Payment, Travel & Hospitality, Social Media, Delivery and more
  • Total sample of 3K+ panellists across 36 markets

DigiPay CuES an annual benchmarking study in the Digital Payments landscape

  • 12+ Brands
  • 3K+ interviews
  • 20+ evaluation parameters, critical to customer experience captured

OTT CuES is an annual NPS and Customer Experience benchmarking study among OTT subscribers

  • 10+ Key Brands
  • 3K+ Interviews
  • Top 10 Cities
  • 20+ evaluation parameters, critical to customer experience captured

Annual measure, tracking the purchases done for the festive season (Navratri and Deepawali)

  • Helping brands understand
  • Purchase patters
  • Insights into promotions /sales
  • Drivers of consideration competitive insights