A proprietary platform with strong in-house controls, run on an internal server, for online FGD/IDI.


Multi-mode recruitment approach: Hansa Cheetah Panel, Telephonic or F2F.


A proprietary video conferencing platform developed by Hansa Research where the Interviewer and respondent can come face-to-face in a virtual world. The Interviewer shares the quantitative screener and survey questionnaire with the respondent, clarifying each question and recording responses in real time.


Pre-recruit respondents from online panels (Hansa Cheetah, Hansa Access Panel), internal database of HNIs, Affluent customers or client provided database


Survey administered by interviewer resulting in superior quality data as compared to Online Surveys.

Clients can accompany the interviewer virtually without being visible to the respondent.

It ensures geographical representation with the convenience of participating from any location across the globe.

Capable of testing multiple stimuli for studies that involve the testing of Concepts, Product Design, Marketing Communications etc.

High security of confidential stimulus – prevents participants from taking screen shots.

Cost effective with no venue and client and researcher travel cost.

Simultaneous Translation

Audio-Video recording

Audio file extraction

Quick turnaround time